2016-2017          MEMBERSHIP
DECA Inc. Membership - High School Division

Access DECA's Online Membership System Here!

You may reactive a chapter by simply loging in using the same username and password from last year, or if you have forgotten your username and password please use the option below.

NEW FEATURE: You will be able to import your student members from last year at the touch of a button. There will be two options for this - import every student from last year or you choose only to import the students selected. Read the instructions under Roster > Students to find out about these options.

If you have any questions about the system, call (703) 860-5000 and ask for the data management department.

For more information about starting a new chapter, visit www.deca.org/membership/5

For further assistance, email support@decaregistration.com

Click here if you have forgotten your user name or password.

If you do not have a DECA Chapter, please click here to request a new one.